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coolguy said:   also 1 bid this year?   2010-3-13 8:4:59
looks like 1 bid this year. maybe 2 if UAB beat Utep.
loca2874 said:   Re:1 Bid this year?   2009-3-8 3:1:8
I can give you 1 good reason why they shouldnt. Tulsa is that reason. Tulsa beat UAB in conference play and has also wrapped up the #2 spot. Both get first round byes in the tournament but UAB will probably still have a better RPI afterwards.
cusafan said:   1 Bid this year?   2009-03-05 22:29:4
Looks like we'll get only 1 bid this year, that's too bad. Can anyone think of any reason that UAB get an at-large?
gousa said:   UAB should be in   2009-02-28 15:47:57
if UAB win the remaining games and has a good showing in the tournament. They should be picked. what do you guys think?
gousa said:   Re:Conference USA is Ranked #20   2005-12-20 21:6:39
yes, that was a huge drop from last year. It was ranked  9 last year, #6 in 2003-2004. see 
hong said:   Conference USA is Ranked #20   2005-12-20 20:59:18
looks like conference usa is in bad shape now. Sagarin has us ranked #18,  RTR #20. Memphis is carrying the flag now.
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